Vancouver City Tours

Vancouver has had a myriad of city tours in a spectrum of vehicles, from double-decker busses to horse-drawn carts. If you want to see all the things that are historically significant, take a tour to orient yourself. Without some guidance, it would be easy to miss such landmarks as the Steam Clock in Gastown or the famous old train engine Roundhouse in Yaletown.

An excellent way to orient yourself with Vancouver is to take a Guided Tour with a respected tour bus company and friendly guide such as Landsea Tours. If you would prefer to have more flexibility in your holiday schedule yet still have some guidance Vancouver Trolley’s Hop-on Hop-off bus tours are an excellent alternative that offers you daily passes with the ability to Hop-on or Hop-off the bus at dozens of locations and attractions around town.

The Olympics allowed companies to compete and package tours specific to your needs. So if you want to see the original Vancouver Inukshuk or Science World, the float planes, or a game of cricket, an informative tour will enable you to get to see places you may not get to by foot.

And with the Olympics came a sharpening of tours, companies understood exactly what people expect when they arrive. From the stupendous views from the Harbour Centre viewing deck to the cliffs of Prospect Point in Stanley Park, there is a company out there to accommodate any special needs and take you to see virtually any of the many sites for which this city is known.

And, while not a guided tour, Vancouver’s transit system is world-renowned. Many places can be accessed by a short hop onto either a transit bus, the Seabus that crosses to the Quay in North Vancouver, the small skiff ferries from downtown to Granville Island Marketplace or the three light rapid transit lines. The elevated SkyTrain reaches into the suburbs of Vancouver and is clean, safe, and worth the ride even if you don’t get off. It gives a great view of the local mountains and accesses some of the prime local shopping districts and centres. Commercial Drive, Metrotown, Lougheed Mall, and Surrey City Centre are iconic to all Vancouverites.

Writing Credit: Brent Antonson