The Lookout at Harbour Centre, a Bird Eye View of Vancouver


Rising up from the Harbour Centre shopping mall, The Lookout! is reached by glass-sided elevator that rises over 500 feet in 40 seconds.

The Observation Level has spectacular 360 degree views of the city, mountains and ocean. On a clear day you can see Mount Baker in Washington State.

The view is seen through large, sloping glass windows so there are no worries about the weather. You don’t need to bring your coat, but don’t forget your camera. If you have them, binoculars are good too. Informative signs around the windows point out features of interest.

As well as the view, the Observation Level has a small snack bar where you can get a sandwich and cup of coffee, a gift shop, and a small theatre featuring a multi-image show on Vancouver.

Above the Observation Level is the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. If you dine there the ride in the elevator is free. If you can, book a table for half an hour or so before sunset for the most spectacular view. The restaurant revolves about once every 90 minutes so you’ll get to see the whole view without moving from you table. Again, remember to bring your camera.

Tip: Tickets at The Lookout! are good all day so visit during the day then return in the evening to see the sunset.