Vancouver Half Price Show Tickets


Did you know that you can buy tickets to shows in Vancouver half-priced like they do on Broadway in New York?

Tourists to Vancouver can buy same-day half-priced show tickets in person at the Tickets Tonight booth operated by Tourism Vancouver and located at their Vancouver Visitor Centre at the foot of Burrard Street near Canada Place.

This is an exclusive ticket service operated by Tickets Tonight/Tourism Vancouver. Tickets Tonight is also an authorized Ticketmaster location and they sell full priced tickets to Vancouver events as well. You can buy tickets over the phone for full priced tickets. There is a $5 service charge for over the phone tickets.

You can go to the Tickets Tonight website to see a list of shows that are 1/2 priced or call their office using the number below.

Tickets Tonight in the Touristinfo Centre
Plaza Level
200 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC
604.684.2787 (recorded event listings)