Car Sharing and Ride Share options in Vancouver, BC

Since getting around Vancouver is often best done as a pedestrian, transit rider or cyclist, and parking can be time consuming and costly, not to mention a little frustrating, you may enjoy having access to a car just when you actually need it. Enter, the sharing economy. Vancouver has several car sharing companies that allow people to access cars paid by the minute, hour or day. Four of the most popular are Car2Go, ZipCar, Modo and Evo.

What is car sharing and how does it differ from a traditional car rental or owning a ca?

Car sharing is simple and convenient. You don’t have to refuel (unless running low) or worry about maintaining your car and obtaining car insurance. It’s all included in the car sharing cost. This can be more affordable transportation solution to many people who don’t require a car 24/7 and are willing to walk a few block to access their vehicle.  Students, Seniors and travellers would all benefit from car sharing.

What are the benefits of car sharing over a traditional car rental?

  1. It’s simple and convenient. You can get access to a car faster and save time. Once you are a car sharing member you can go to a designated car sharing location and use the car unlike a traditional car rental that would require paperwork before getting the keys to a car. Car sharing companies mail you a card when you register as a member. This card will provide you access to the car sharing vehicle.
  2. You can book a car 24 hours in advance by phone or online. Alternatively you can just go directly to a car sharing location and rent the car.
  3. It’s affordable. You only pay for the time that you use the car and the km charge if there is one. You might only need to rent a car for 1 hour so car sharing would be more convenient and affordable option in most cases.
  4. It takes cars of the road. This urban transportation solution allows more people access to a car without putting more cars on the road with the overall affect of reducing the carbon footprint.

For example Car2Go is the 1-way trip service which offers the following:

For around 50 cents per minute, members enjoy fuel, parking, mileage, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, GPS navigation, 24/7 customer support service and roadside assistance at no extra cost. There is a one time set up fee of approximately $35 for membership.

At time of writing, one hour costs a maximum of $14.99 plus tax, and 1 day (up to 24 hours) is no more than $65.99 plus tax.

You can drive the car one way and use an alternative mode of transportation such as transit, taxi or walking to continue your journey.

As a traveller, you may like to know that Car2Go operates in dozens of cities throughout Canada, the USA and Europe.

ZipCar is the 2-way trip service

The main difference is that you’ll need to return the car to the location where you first picked the car up.

When you join there is an annual fee. There is no Monthly commitment. Car usage is charged on an hourly or daily basis.

What’s included:

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • 200 free kilometres

Modo’s rates are different because they are a true co-op car sharing business. They require individuals to buy refundable memberships. The Modo rates are also charged hourly with a daily maximum charge.

Visitors to Vancouver should consider renting from a car sharing company like car2go, Zipcar or Modo if they don’t need a car for the their entire Vancouver vacation or business trip.