Transportation to, from and around Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia offer you almost every mode of transportation you can imagine. The type of transport you choose will depend primarily on your destination, the amount of time you have, and of course your preferred mode of transportation.

Most major car rental companies are represented at YVR, The Vancouver International Airport. Many of them also have locations throughout Vancouver and the lower mainland. That being said, Vancouver is one of the most pedestrian friendly cities you will find in North America. The Skytrain is accessible from inside the airport and can take you right into the downtown area. If you are staying in the downtown area, there is a good chance you will find having a car unnecessary for most of your stay.

Vancouver has excellent award winning transportation services available mostly consisting of Skytrain (Metro), Transit Buses operated by Translink and the West Coast Express train which travels into the Fraser Valley. Highway Bus service is available to take you to Whistler, Victoria, into the Fraser Valley, into the BC Interior or across the US border and into Seattle . Charter Bus Services are also available for groups. Tour Trains and Tour Buses offering guided tours to popular tourist destinations are a great way to get the most out of your travels of your time permits.

In British Columbia it is important to consider that reaching many destinations includes travel by ferry either with your automobile or as a pedestrian. In BC’s Southern Coast many day trip destinations including Vancouver Island and the city of Victoria, Bowen island, Gibson’s Landing will involve taking a ferry unless you choose to fly.

Mode of transport include:



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