Capilano Suspension Bridge & Tree Top Adventure


Capilano Suspension Bridge is a Vancouver tourist must-see, if only because everyone will ask you about it when you return home. Located in North Vancouver spanning the Capilano River, the bridge swings and twists 230 feet above the rocks and surf below.

An entrance fee gets you from the often overcrowded car park into the park grounds, where straight away you can see the 450 foot long bridge. Crossing the bridge is fun if you like heights. Nervous grandmothers cling to the ropes whilst enthusiastic youngsters bounce up and down in the middle, trying to make the bridge swing faster.

On the far side of the bridge is a small wooded park. It will not take you more than ten minutes to walk around the whole of this modest area if you are even moderately fit, but there are some nice views and picture-taking opportunities from a wooden platform that juts out over the river on this side of the gorge.

Back on the east side of the bridge there is much standard tourist fare. Interpretive signs and displays point out the history of the bridge; a small snack bar will sell you hot dogs and drinks; and a souvenir shop will relieve you of larger sums of money. There is also a reasonable restaurant.

The bridge is visited by over three-quarters of a million tourists a year